Over the years we have specialized in making belts for just about any buckle you may have.

Communicating just what you want is not always easy.
The best way to approach this is to send us your buckle along with color choice and size needed (see below). We will worry about the details. If you rather not send it, you can order a belt strap. Here's what we need. Refer to the photo.

1) Photos of the buckle both back and front help a lot. Placing a tape measure or ruler alongside the buckle in the photo is a big help.

2) Measure a currently use belt as shown below (A to B).

3) Determine the exact width needed. The belt strap should slide through the buckle easily so leave about 1/16" allowance. For example, a buckle that measures 1-1/2" for width works best with a strap that's 1-7/16" wide. If a full 1-1/2" strap was applied to a buckle measuring 1-1/2", the edges of the belt would rub on the buckle and show wear.

4) Measure the working length (X to Y) of the buckle…IMPORTANT. Note the difference in buckles.

5) Tell us how you want it set up. …one snap? or two snaps and a keeper? Do you need a tongue slot? The upper two buckles in the photo require a slot. The peace buckle does not. Chicago screw rivets can be substituted for snaps. There's a choice of brass or nickel for both snaps and screw rivets.

6) Select leather color: MB = medium brown, Chst = chestnut, Brg = burgundy, DB = dark brown, Blk = black. If not sure about color, looking at the belts on the other pages might help you decide.

7) Straps for compression buckles are sized the same way, but no holes are punched.

8) If sending a buckle, it's a good idea to let us know by email beforehand.
9) Custom belts can be made for unique buckles.

10) Please ask any questions by email -


Price is determined by width.

One inch ………………………$48.00
Please click here to learn about ordering.


Please determine belt size by measuring a currently used belt. Pants waist size is no longer a reliable way to determine belt size.

Measure from point "A" on the buckle to the most used hole on your current belt.  It might not be the middle hole. This measurement is usually 2 to 5 inches bigger than your pants waist size.  Note that “A” on the top belt is just inside the buckle end where the swivel tongue meets the buckle body…..and that “A” on the bottom belt is at the base of the hook. It’s important that the working length of the buckle be included in your measurement.

Point "B" on the new belt will be the middle of 5 holes (or loops on some styles).
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