All of the buckles displayed on this page are unique to our shop in that we own the molds and the rights. They are cast in the US and finished by us. All are natural brass with no coatings.
Unique Buckles
A -$45.00
Buckle only
Catboat.    Shown with black leather.  Strap, $40.00, is 1 -1/8" wide.
B - $45.00
Buckle only
Lobster claw.    Shown with chestnut leather.  Strap, $40.00, is 1 - 3/16" wide.
C - $65.00
Buckle only
Horseshoe crab.    Discontinued.
D - $45.00
Buckle only
Oyster.    Shown with burgundy leather.  Strap, $40.00, is 1 -1/16" wide.
E - $45.00
Buckle only
Mermaid.    Shown with medium brown leather.  Strap, $40.00, is 1 - 3/16" wide.
F - $45.00
Buckle only
Sand dollar.    Shown with dark brown leather.  Strap, $40.00, is 1 -3/16" wide.
G - $45.00
Buckle only
Mussel.    Shown with medium brown leather.  Strap, $40.00, is 1 1/8" wide.
H - $45.00
Buckle only
Peace symbol.    This is a lost wax casting of our original hand wrought buckle from the sixties.  Strap, $44.00, is 1 -7/16" wide.
Unless otherwise requested,
the straps with these buckles have brass snaps for easy removal of the buckle.
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You may order by pants waist size. However, it is more accurate to measure a currently used belt.

Measure from point "A" on the buckle to the most used hole on your current belt.  It might not be the middle hole. This measurement is usually 2 to 4 inches bigger than your pants waist size.

Point "B" on the new belt will be the middle of 5 holes (or loops on some styles).
We have made these same belts for over 47 years. Each belt is hand cut with a draw gauge from 8-10 oz domestically tanned "English bridle" leather bends, which make for extremely durable strapping. This leather is actually tanned and finished for the horse bridle industry. This vegetable tanned leather is quite expensive, but worth the difference. Each strap is worked through 7 steps before it's attached to a solid brass buckle using solid brass rivets. Color choice is dark brown, medium brown, burgundy, rust , tan, and black. We usually supply a belt with two snaps and a keeper(loop) with these buckles.
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