We have made these same belts for over 30 years. Each belt is hand cut with a draw gauge from 9-10 oz domestically tanned "English bridle" leather bends, which make for extremely durable strapping. This leather is actually tanned and finished for the horse bridle industry. This vegetable tanned leather is quite expensive, but worth the difference. Each strap is worked through 7 steps before it's attached to a solid brass buckle using solid brass rivets. Color choice is dark brown, medium brown, burgandy, rust, tan, and black.
More Uncommon Belts
From top to bottom
M-1 Silver set with tip - 0ne inch - $44.00
Shown in black. Dark brown and burgandy also recommended.
M-6 Silver set with tip - 1 ¼" - $46.00
Shown in black. Dark brown and burgandy also recommended.
Solid brass folding hoof pick belt - 1 3/8 " - $39.00
Shown in dark brown. Here we use a solid brass folding hoof pick as a buckle …looping it through a narrow leather strap that adjusts. Many equestrians carry one in a pocket which enables the rider to pick a stone out of the horses hoof preventing lameness on the trail.
Rifle sling belt - 1 3/8' - $36.00
Shown in dark brown. Here we use two traditional solid brass rifle sling hooks and double sets of holes to achieve that rifle sling look. One hook is stationary. The other can be used in varying holes for size adjustment
Order by pants waist size or measure a currently used belt. Measure from the most used hole to that point on the buckle where the tongue strikes the buckle body. This result is usually 2” larger than the pant size.






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