Surplus Belts

Over the past few years we have managed to accumulate quite a number of "surplus" belts. All are made using the same English Bridle leather as our first quality belts. Some are seconds with maybe a soft spot in the leather or imperfections on the leather surface. Some are mistakes where we made the wrong size or color to fill an order. Most of these belts were placed on consignment in a local shop until recently when the shop closed. We now offer them at ½ price. They are all pre-sized. Not made to order.
We have compiled a list on an Excel sheet and will send it by email upon request. The list shows size, color, style, width, reason why surplus, regular price, ½ price, and item reference number. Belts on the list can be found by style number and width on the appropriate web pages. Regular shipping charges apply. Use our size guide below.
Please note, at these prices we cannot take the time to send photos of particular belts. This is akin to a grab bag situation in that you would be taking a chance. None of these belts are junk and we promise to look over each belt a second time before shipping to be sure that it's OK, but not first quality.

Please click here to request the Excel surplus belt list.

Please determine belt size by measuring a currently used belt. Pants waist size is no longer a reliable way to determine belt size.

Measure from point "A" on the buckle to the most used hole on your current belt.  It might not be the middle hole. This measurement is usually 2 to 4 inches bigger than your pants waist size.

Point "B" on the new belt will be the middle of 5 holes (or loops on some styles).
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