Having operated a retail leather shop since 1969, I decided in 2012 to semi retire. At that time, I planned to give up making briefcases and bags in favor of making just belts. Now, four years later, I changed my mind.

During the past year, I have made a few different briefcases offering them for sale here. Now I've decided to accept orders for cases.

Because this is a semi-retirement venture I want to be able to work at a slower pace without the pressure of hard delivery dates. I'll give reasonable target delivery time, but wish to avoid "rush, got to have it by xxx date" situations. I celebrated my 75th birthday in 2016 and hope you will understand my desire to keep busy, yet enjoy life away from the work-a-day world.

#12, medium brown - looks the same with or without the outside back pocket and zipper pocket under flap

I'll be working with the most popular color, medium brown. Hardware can be brass or nickel. The leather continues to be domestic "English Bridle" from Wickett & Craig of Pennsylvania ( The weight used in the cases is 6 to 7 oz with some internal pockets made using 4 to 5 oz bridle leather or cowhide (one ounce of leather thickness = 1/64").
To begin, I'm offering the basic one section case (#12) with a single strap over the flap and dee rings on the side panels for a shoulder strap…… or the same single section case with 2 straps over the flap with dee rings on top (#1202).
Dee rings on the side allow for a simpler design, but if the shoulder strap is used often, rubbing on the flap edges will cause wear and/or upturned edges.
Daily use of a shoulder strap attached to top mounted dee rings will not cause such wear.
Both cases can be made with or without the outside back pocket and with or without the full size zipper pocket on the front panel under the flap.

Please feel free to inquire about variations on these designs. More photos available on request.
#1202 medium brown. Shoulder strap included, not shown.
#12 - basic single section case w/one closure strap, pen pocket, side panel dee rings, and shoulder strap. 17 x 13 x 4
#1202 - basic single section case w/double closure straps, larger pen pocket, top mounted dee rings, and shoulder strap 17 x 13 x 4
outside back pocket - add $60.00
full length zipper pocket under flap - add $75.00
Also available will be # 1202w (photo below):
This is a rugged 2 section case with strong dee rings mounted on top for daily use of an included shoulder strap.
Inside on the divider is a calc/phone pocket, a business card pocket and a double pen pocket.
On the inside back panel is a two section pocket for misc.
A 15" laptop will fit the rear inside section.
The interior panels and pockets are either light weight bridle leather or cowhide.
Inside pockets can be made to accommodate your personal items - no charge unless overly complicated.
outside back pocket - add $60.00
full length zipper pocket under flap - add $75.00
#1202w - more photos available by request.

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